At EB Display, you’ll find retail display systems made of every imaginable material. Our engineers are highly knowledgeable about combining materials and will offer you as many options as you like. If you’re not sure which material will work best for your display or custom fixture, keep in mind that it’s common to determine the display’s structure during the design process. Our experts can help you select what works best for your project. Among our most-used materials:

  • Wood: Using finely honed carpentry skills, our team crafts wood for traditional, vintage and modern finishes. Our on-site equipment for woodworking includes a CNC Router (5’x20’ table capacity), CNC Beam Saw, Contour Edge Bander and a Horizontal/Vertical Boring Machine.
  • Plastic: Plastic displays are more popular than ever, providing a unique versatility that cannot be found in other materials. We use vacuum forming to shape plastic into specific forms, and can create many versatile effects and colors. Lighter than many other materials, plastic can be more portable and easy to set up and tear down.
  • Metal: With its reputation of being literally tough as nails, metal can withstand even the most grueling assignments. To handle the construction of wire and metal displays, EB has designated an entire division, EB Wireworks, at our headquarters. Among our equipment for metal work, we have a CNC Press Break, CNC Laser Cutter, Metal Benders, CNC Robotic Welder and Powder Coat Finish.
  • Laminate: A laminate display can effectively showcase a variety of merchandise, involves little upkeep. Display cases and shelves work well in laminate, as well as temporary and trade show exhibits. Custom laminate displays that match permanent displays can also help draw customers and connect them to your brand.


We can obtain and work with any material you have in mind. Let’s discuss your material needs and our display solutions. Contact us today and we’ll get started.

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