Electronic Product Displays

Custom Displays for Electronic Merchandise

Electronics by their very design are interactive—your display needs to be too. EB Display has designed custom displays for a myriad of electronic products. The one common thread we’ve found is that the best custom display units are the ones that let the consumer interact directly with your product. Our award-winning electronic displays are built with that goal in mind.

Interaction leads to engagement

Despite the technological marvels that make up your electronic products, one of the most effective ways to sell to the consumer is a very tried and true approach—hands-on marketing. Over our more than six decades as a leader in the display industry, we’ve learned that if a person can touch, feel and interact with your product, they are much more likely to buy. This holds just as true for electronics. Our custom display engineers and creative designers partner with you to find the best way to highlight the unique features of your electronic product, all with the goal of finding ways to make your custom display as interactive as possible.

With our extensive in-house lineup of capabilities, we are truly the one-stop-shop for creating displays that help your product jump off the screen. No matter your vision, we have the design capabilities and materials to make it happen. Wood, plastic, metal or laminate—our list of materials seamlessly come together to create an effective demonstration space for your electronic product. Since we manufacture entirely in-house, we own the entire processes—beginning to end. This enables us to deliver the highest-quality displays on time and within budget.

It’s even possible for your custom electronic display to be totally self-contained and capable of powering itself. So now you can take advantage of placing your unit in the best spot for traffic or optimal visibility—regardless of where the closest outlet is located.

Encourage real engagement with a custom electronics display from EB Display. Contact us today!