Display Prototyping

At EB Display, we bring your displays to life – no matter how many you need. Seeing and interacting with a custom display in its finished form allows you to get it right before heading into mass production. It’s why many projects start with our display samples and prototype services before proceeding into full-scale display production. It’s also not uncommon to have a series of display prototypes built, each with its own variation of specs.

Benefits of samples and prototypes:

  • Try as many as you need until you select one that works well. The investment in display samples is small compared to the overall investment required to launch a new product or roll out a marketing campaign.
  • Prototyping allows you the time to get it right, so you can feel more confident in your display decisions when the time comes for a large-scale product launch.
  • The sample will allow you to see the full impact of specific colors, especially when combined with a variety of structural materials. Once you see it, you can easily decide which works best.
  • If you’re considering a test run for a new product, you may want to test the impact of different displays. Throughout the testing phase, you can refine your display through a series of prototypes.
  • Building display samples before hitting the market is one of the best ways to acquire hands-on research data as it relates to your marketing strategy.

Our team will work with you on the most cost-effective solution for your display prototyping. Our start-to-finish manufacturing process keeps costs down and production time quick.

Contact us today to get started on your prototype.