Metal Display Stands

Metal Display StandsYour custom display faces many destructive forces over its lifetime, from the wear and tear of the retail environment, to shouldering the load for your product. At EB Display, we are dedicated to the fabrication of durable metal displays that can withstand even the toughest tests.

With more than 60 years of staying on the cutting-edge of the display industry, our custom display engineers are uniquely positioned to suggest the best materials for your project. Whether your custom metal and wire display demands the rigidity and structural strength of steel or the modern, polished look of aluminum, we can source and fabricate the metal that will make your project shine.

We house the high-tech metalworking machinery needed to handle any project from start to finish. Our capabilities include:

  • CNC Press Break: Manufacturing extra-large displays are no problem for our lineup of press breaks. With machines ranging from four to 12-feet long, we can even form large-format pieces of sheet metal.
  • Wire DisplaysCNC Laser Cutter: We provide precision fabrication with our extremely accurate CNC Laser Cutter. Capable of cutting through half-inch steel, and up to 5’ by 10’ sheets, this laser meets the exact standards your display requires.
  • Metal Benders: Our automated tubing benders create seamless frameworks for your display, regardless of the tube diameter. We’re also equipped with a full complement of wire-benders and grid-folders.
  • CNC Robotic Welder: There’s no stronger weld available than the CNC Robotic Welder. Our state-of-the-art welding equipment delivers both precision and strength.
  • Powder Coat Finish: Our smooth, blemish-free powder coat gives your metal display an attractive, yet highly durable finish.

Find out how EB Display can give your display the look and strength only metal can deliver. Call us at 800-321-9869 or request your custom display quote today.