Retail Display Services

At EB Display, we customize every display exactly to your needs.

We get to know you and your products so we can understand exactly what you need and how to create it. It’s important to us to get it right, so we can develop the very best custom displays for you and your business.

It’s why we design, engineer and manufacture all of our displays in-house, from start to finish. We don’t outsource the work, our knowledgeable staff is here and equipped to do the job while providing you the best in retail display services. Regardless of the size or scope of your custom display project, EB can handle it.

Your products are unique, and should have the perfect custom display to be showcased. Find out more about our custom display services:


We produce your display right here in our 200,000+ square-foot facility in Ohio. This means we can keep an eye on your display and keep the project moving without delays for shipping or off-site printing.

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Our creative team works with you to come up with a show-stopping look for your retail display. We have expertise in all forms of brand implementation, including design, engineering, photography, printing and more.

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Implement your vision through customized and well-designed graphics that are sure to leave a great impression with your customers.

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Using our state-of-the-art equipment, we can quickly manufacture any display prototypes you need. Whether for product development, testing or launching, we’ll create one-off prototypes according to your specs.

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