Custom Display Manufacturing

The right manufacturing techniques can take your display to another level.

We produce your custom retail display in our facility, from start to finish. Because we have the materials and technology to handle all aspects of your display, we ensure the quality, keep a close eye on details, adjust as needed and provide quicker turnaround.

Grolsch rolling retail display

  • Welding
  • Printing, full-color vinyl
  • Die cutting
  • Metal bending
  • Metal sheet breaking

SeaKlear retail display

  • Woodworking
  • Printing, full-color paper & plastic
  • Die cutting

SeaKlear Store Displays

We offer all of the following custom display manufacturing methods:

  • Burn-Off Booth: Refinishing old metal shelves for retail displays saves money. With our burn-off booth, we can remove all types of finishes, including varnish, epoxy, paint, grease or rubber.
  • Die-Cutting: We offer custom display die cutting for your design and cut from fiberboard or any number of materials. Having this technology in house means we oversee the process and ensure accuracy.
  • Injection Molding: We can create molds in exact shapes we design for your custom retail display.
  • Laser Cutting: Our display laser cutter makes clean cuts in half-inch-thick steel sheets in sizes up to 5 by 10 feet.
  • Metal Bending: Display metal bending is possible, even for the thickest tubes, using our two automated tubing benders. We’re also equipped with industrial-size wire benders and 8-foot wire grid folders.
  • Plastic Heat-Bending: Our plastic display heat bending capabilities mean we can work plastics into even the most unusual shapes.
  • Plastic Vacuum Forming: Plastic display vacuum forming allows us to heat, stretch and shape against a mold, ideal for many packaging projects.
  • Powder Coating: For the best display powder coating, our oversized oven delivers a smooth, blemish-free, high-gloss finish.
  • Printing: Our printing capabilities produce high-impact retail graphics, POP graphics and other custom display graphics in any size or quantity. We do all our printing in house so we can control the quality.
  • Sheet Metal Breaking: Extra-large displays are possible with our CNC press break. It forms large pieces of metal into exact shapes, ranging from 4 to 12 feet.
  • Silicone or Epoxy Molding: Showcase multiple items with our silicone or epoxy mold displays, which we hand-sculpt or produce using our CNC machine.
  • Welding: Need welded displays? Our CNC robotic welder creates a strong bond to hold large metal parts.
  • Woodworking: For wooden displays, either fully made of wood or with wood accents, we’ve got the tools and the craftsmanship for the job.

We’re ready to get started. Contact us to talk about your custom display needs.