Custom Display Manufacturing

We are a one-stop-shop retail display manufacturer. That means we don’t outsource the work, we handle it in-house. This allows us to be nimble and make adjustments as needed while keeping a close eye on your project. All of our equipment is located in our building, which gives us total control over the quality of our finished products. Take a closer look at our display manufacturing methods:

  • Sheet Metal Breaking: Using our CNC press break, we are able to form large pieces of sheet metal into exact shapes. This is especially important when producing extra-large displays. Our press breaks range from 4 feet to 12 feet.
  • Burn-Off Booth: We can help you save money by rejuvenating your old metal shelves or displays. All types of finishes, including varnish, epoxy, paint, grease or rubber can be completely removed from metal in our burn-off booth that heats up to 800 degrees.
  • Die Cutting: Many displays require unusual shapes that must be cut from fiberboard, or a number of other materials. Our team creates the die from your design and oversees the process of cutting it accurately from the selected material.
  • Injection Molding: When an exact shape is needed, we design and create the mold that is used to form the plastic shape for the display.
  • Laser Cutting: With our CNC laser cutter, we’re able to make clean cuts in half-inch thick steel sheets that are as large as 5-feet by 10-feet.
  • Metal Bending: Our two automated tubing benders can shape some of the thickest tubes out there. We’re also equipped with industrial-size wire benders and 8-foot wire grid folders.
  • Plastic Heat-Bending: As with metal bending, we have the tools to bend plastic as well. In many cases, certain types of plastic can be worked into even the most unusual shapes.
  • Plastic Vacuum Forming: We shape sheets of plastic by heating and stretching it into molds, or by using a vacuum to shape it against the mold. This is often used for packaging.
  • Powder Coating: Our oversized oven delivers the smoothest, blemish-free powder finish you’ll ever see. We follow strict procedures to ensure high-gloss success in powder coating.
  • Silicone or Epoxy Molding: When more than one item is needed, we can create molds by hand-sculpting or by using our CNC machine.
  • Welding: When a strong bond is needed for large metal parts, we use our CNC robotic welder.
  • Woodworking: Whether you want your custom display to have a few wood accents or to be made completely from wood, we’ve got the tools and the know-how to make it happen.

If you are looking for a custom retail display, contact us today and let’s get started!