Double-Sided Sales Pacer

Double sided gondola style shelves and pegboard display

As a leading display manufacturer since 1952, we know you may not always have time to order a custom-created display. For those instances we offer a variety of in-stock store displays, including our Double Sided Sales Pacer. These double sided gondola style shelves have all the same features as the Sales Pacer, but offers additional merchandising space!

This merchandiser is designed to stand alone, or to be used as medium-capacity in-line fixture. It’s easy assembly makes it a great choice for when you need a quality display that can be set up and ready to use immediately. The shelves are adjustable in 1” increments on both sides and can hold a variety of merchandise from beauty products to snacks.


  • Height: 54″ (up to 72″ with extenders)
  • Width: 24″, 36″ and 48″
  • Depth: Merchandisable Space 14″ to peg panel. 16 – 3/4″ overall
  • Colors: Beige and walnut brown with white peg panel
  • Load Capacity: 300 lb. total maximum, 120 lb. maximum on base shelf, 90 lb. maximum per upper shelf


Heavy Duty Double sided gondola style shelves and pegboard display

A heavy duty two-sided merchandiser designed to use where a heavy product load is required. The Double Sided Heavy Duty Sales Pacer
shelving can be mounted both flat and angled downward to allow for gravity fed products.


  • Rigid construction
  • One-inch peg hole slotting
  • One-inch vertical shelf adjustment
  • 54” height
  • 16”, 18”& 22” to peg panel on both sides
  • 16”, 18” and 22” deep base shelves
  • 1500 lbs. total weight capacity
  • 300 lbs. total weight capacity on base shelf
  • 140 lbs. total weight capacity per upper shelf

Don’t be held back by time constraints! Get the display you want in the time you need with EB Display’s in-stock store displays. Our Stor-Rite Catalog features these double sided gondola style shelves, as well as a wide variety of other displays.

For the latest pricing information, please download our PDF catalog here.

Our in-stock store displays are a cost-friendly, convenient solution to your displays needs. We’re happy to help you learn more about our in-stock store displays and other display services. Give us a call at (800) 321-9869 or request a quote to get started!