Production Artwork Checklist

The following checklist outlines the basic items and documentation required for production from digital art. Please note items that must be included in order to avoid time delays or additional charges.


  • File Type – Production files should be completed in Illustrator or InDesign CS6 or earlier. You may save InDesign files as IDML files. A print-ready PDF file can be used as long as all fonts are converted to outlines and all links are provided. This will allow us to set documents multiple up for production.
  • Native Files – Native files must be supplied (EPS, TIFF, PSD). If the files are die-cut in any way, please provide the die-line on a separate layer in your file.
  • Fonts – All fonts used should be supplied. This includes fonts used in imported art elements. Please check to make sure you include fonts used in imported elements. Better yet convert all fonts outlines.
  • Images – Imported color images must be full size (physical size) at least 300 Pixel / In or higher and supplied as CMYK.
  • File Transfer – Share File is our preferred method of file transfer. Contact us and we will send you a link to upload your files. You may also choose to provide the files via another file transfer program such as we transfer, drop box, customer ftp. etc. Please provide the link, username and password for retrieving your files.