Front Fences and Dividers

Merchandise products safely and clearly with front fences and dividers. 3 inch high fencing and dividers simply snaps into place through the diamond perforations on the base shelf or upper shelf. Fits both the Sales Pacer and Heavy Duty Sales Pacer. Zinc plated for long life.

Typical uses for snap lock wire binning:

  • Cosmetics
  • Snacks
  • Ribbons and sewing products
  • Toys

At EB Display, our goal is for you to get the most of your in-stock store display. Don’t let clutter cloud your customers retail experience! Organize your merchandise and keep a maximum amount of shelf space with our Snap Lock Binning. Browse our Stor-Rite Catalog for pricing information and other in-stock display products!

For the latest pricing information, please download our PDF catalog here.

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