Laminate Displays

A custom laminate display from EB Display will serve to engage your customers and enhance your retail merchandising efforts. Supported by the ability to provide an inviting consumer experience, our custom displays can really carry their own weight. The low maintenance needs of a laminate display will ensure your unit will look good for years to come, with only minimal care. And since laminate is relatively lightweight, EB Display’s custom display engineers can design a merchandising solution that goes wherever you need it. Best of all, we design and manufacture our displays in-house, giving you a truly one-stop-shop experience.

Great for Merchandising

To capture your customer’s attention, creating an engaging shopping experience is a paramount task. EB Display’s custom laminate displays and shelving units are tailor-made for retail merchandising and versatile enough to handle any product. Capable of accommodating a large quantity of shelved product, your brand can easily demonstrate the full range of its offerings—making laminate displays a strong contender for retail clothing market.

Low Maintenance

Laminate displays deliver the polished, retail-ready look, without the maintenance associated with other types of display solutions. With a wide array of attractive woodgrain finishes, EB Display can easily replicate the look of hardwood units, at a fraction of the cost of full wood construction. On top of this, our easy-to-clean laminate finish will keep its luster year-after-year with very little upkeep.

Portable or Permanent

Our dedicated team of custom display engineers will design a display solution to meet your merchandising needs. EB Display’s permanent laminate displays are the perfect solution for enhancing your retail location. Thanks to the lightweight nature of laminate, our team can also construct temporary displays, complete with portable panels. These are an excellent solution for showcasing seasonal products or even merchandising your product at trade shows, fairs or any other mobile location. To bring it all together, we can design portable laminate displays that match your permanent units to maintain consistency and reinforce your brand recognition.

Display your products confidently with our custom laminate displays. Call us at (800) 321-9869 or get your custom display quote today!