Wood Display Shelves

Hoover Wood DisplaysEcho your brand’s uniqueness with our custom wood displays. EB Display blends traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge production capabilities to produce custom displays that match the quality and look of fine furniture. That’s because when we are crafting your display, we are using the very same craftsman woodworking techniques. Using high-quality substrates, we are able make wood displays more affordable than ever before, while never sacrificing structural integrity.

It’s not just the construction that sets our displays apart. Our creative designers and engineers are able to bring it all together by giving your display a truly vintage, modern or traditional finish. Our experts will help you choose the right path for your next custom wood display:
Wooden Displays

  • Vintage: Warm wood finishes such as oak or walnut create a sought-after antique look. Themed hardware can complete your vintage display.
  • Modern: Lighter woods, such as maple or poplar, impart your custom display with crisp, clean lines. These designs should be minimally accentuated with modern hardware to maintain your sleek look.
  • Traditional or Classic: Rich brown finishes and time-tested construction define traditional designs. These designs meet a wide variety of purposes and stylistically stand the test of time.
  • Custom: If your display demands a completely custom finish, we can paint it using any Pantone, CMYK or custom-matched color.

We can handle your most complex custom display with our impressive lineup of in-house capabilities. EB Display’s on-site woodworking equipment includes; a CNC Router, CNC Beam Saw, Contour Edge Bander and a Horizontal/Vertical Boring Machine. On top of providing a truly one-stop-shop experience, we offer total quality control because we oversee all woodworking processes.

A custom wood display from EB Display will present your brand with permanence and style. Call us at 800-321-9869 or request your custom display quote today!