Plastic Display Stands

Custom Plastic Display StandsYou expect a lot from your display, much more than simply housing your products. So, it’s little wonder that custom plastic displays are more popular than ever before. EB Display’s lineup of synthetic materials and in-house capabilities provide your custom display with a level of increased versatility, added convenience and long-lasting durability that’s hard to match.


You can count on our plastic displays to be endlessly versatile when it comes to both form and function. This is due in large part to the inherent versatility of plastic and our innovative, in-house capabilities. Your display can be crystal clear as cut glass or designed to highlight your brand by using an array of custom colors and effects. There’s really no limit to the degree of distinctiveness that plastic displays can produce.

Designed by our creative team and custom display engineers, the plastic production processes that EB Display uses are engineered with versatility in mind. Vacuum forming, injection molding and heat-bending all allow us to deliver a display that exactly fits your needs.


Looks can be deceiving. One of the first things you’ll notice when you pick up a plastic display from EB Display is how incredibly light the unit is, despite its rugged stability. Never flimsy, our custom displays start with the highest quality synthetics as their foundation. The result is a lightweight display that’s built for the long haul.

And since your custom plastic display is substantially lighter than a comparable metal or wood unit, portability is much more convenient. EB Display’s custom display engineers are well-versed in designing plastic displays purposely made for easy set up and quick teardown. Not only will you avoid the hassle of heavier units when you go with a plastic display, you’ll also cut down dramatically on your shipping costs.


Your custom plastic display is designed to handle both years of service and the demands of transportation. Over six decades of experience in the display industry has taught us that durability is just as important as good looks. Working collaboratively, our creative design department and custom display engineering team ensure you truly get the best of both worlds.

No matter the application, a custom plastic display from EB Display is designed to handle anything the field can throw at it.

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