Clothing Displays

How you display your clothing and apparel is a major part of your merchandising plan. At EB Display, we’ve been setting the trends for clothing displays for over 60 years. Our cutting-edge custom displays are manufactured entirely in-house, from the initial concept to the finished product, for a truly one-stop-shopping solution. All this experience has positioned us as the clothing and apparel displays experts. Together, we can effectively represent your brand with a display that’s built to last.

Engage your customer

Much more than just a beautiful display, our creative custom display units are aimed at influencing consumer behavior using color, imagery and lighting.

Our in-house graphics department intimately understands how the strategic use of specific colors can influence the shopper. Combining this deep knowledge with your visual needs, we seamlessly integrate your brand’s identity with stunning results. Beyond choosing the right color palette, we produce high-resolution photography that really shows off your clothing. While we can certainly integrate your existing visual assets, our graphics team is able to conduct a full-fledged fashion shoot to get the picture-perfect results. And with our custom lighting options, we will make sure your clothing and apparel are always shown in the right light.

Durability meets versatility

Our custom clothing displays are built to always be in style, season after season. That’s because we design your apparel display with the rigors of the retail environment in mind. As quickly as clothing trends come and go, the ability to quickly change your display is a must. We accommodate smooth and easy floor sets by making our graphics interchangeable. Simply slide out the old and insert the new.

We then combine this versatility with innovative materials and custom display engineering to create a clothing display that’s always up to the challenge.

Contact us today to see how a custom clothing display can keep your products runway ready!

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