Retail Store Displays

Stand out and engage consumers

Today’s retail environment is filled with both newfound opportunities and increased competition. Separating your products from the pack is how EB Display delivers a real difference for your brand. With six decades of experience, we’re able to design and manufacture custom displays that do more than just stand out—they also engage. Your brand’s story is told clearly and boldly with innovative design and high-resolution graphics that catch consumer’s attention. EB Display is the leader in the retail store displays industry.


From start to finish, your retail store display is in our capable hands. With a completely in-house process, we bring creative design, engineering and high-resolution graphics to the custom displays we manufacture. Our 200,000-square foot facility houses both cutting-edge CNC machinery and our commitment to timeless craftsmanship.


No matter the material, EB Display has the most durable and innovative options to make your custom display stand out. Metal, plastic, laminate, wood and more are available to support your retail display needs.

Unrivaled Quality & Service

Our team of dedicated project managers will guide you through the entire display process, from design to final delivery—keeping you informed at every step of the way.

Certainly, our one-stop-shop experience provides unmatched convenience. Yet, more than that, our integration delivers the highest-quality displays on time and according to your budget.

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Eyewear Displays

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