T-Shirt Displays

Custom Retail Store Displays for T-Shirts

T-shirts are one of the most ubiquitous sale items of any store. They’re so available, in fact, that many people don’t specifically seek them out – they just happen to notice an eye-catching design and then opt to purchase one. If your business sells t-shirts, finding a way to make your t-shirt displays stand out is a must.  EB Display has been serving businesses like yours since 1952. Whether you consult with us for ideas on custom display solutions or come prepared with your idea, our designers, engineers, service representatives will make sure you are satisfied with the final product.

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Just as shoe stores include a clearly-displayed shoe near the boxed inventory, it’s wise to include t-shirt display racks in close proximity to the folded or otherwise packaged shirts that customers will be buying. If your inventory is large, t-shirt displays can be especially difficult to configure effectively. You want customers to notice the breadth of your colors and designs, but you may have limited space.

There are several effective ways of displaying t-shirts:

  • A common material used in manufacturing t-shirt displays is gridwall – essentially, a metal grate-like material that can be attached to walls. Shirts can be hung on special grid wall hangers. Because the shirts are practically flat against the wall, this method of creating t-shirt displays is particularly space-efficient.
  • Similarly, pegboard material can also be used for hanging shirts. Pegboard t-shirt rack displays are especially useful if your business regularly changes wall displays – you can easily move the displayed shirts, as you can with grid wall displays.
  • Mannequin displays are attention-grabbing, but they can be expensive and take up a good bit of space. If you want to try going the mannequin route, use one or two mannequins to showcase t-shirts that are on sale or especially eye-catching.
  • Unless the fit of the t-shirt is important (i.e., junior’s or women’s cut), many buyers just care about the design. You may wish to display shirts in special glass cases. These cases showcase a square of design – the shirt is folded within the case. These sort of t-shirt displays are very space-efficient and allow for the display of several designs in close proximity.

If you’re seeking custom t-shirt display racks or need advice on effective sales design, talk to an EB Display Company representative today. We are experienced in designing and building award-winning retail displays. Are ready to make an impact for your business? Give us a call at (800) 321-9869 or request a quote. Let’s get started!


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