Toy Store Displays

Engaging displays for toy products

In the toy industry, every year brings its own trendy toys and children’s products, all vying for the attention of consumers. While fads will eventually fade—expert design, quality craftsmanship and engaging style always remain in high demand. It’s these same principals we use to construct your custom toy store display.

With more than six decades of experience, EB Display is keenly aware that a successful toy display must appeal to both children and adults alike. Our custom display engineers and creative designers capture the imaginations of the young and young at heart with bold, inviting colors and high-resolution graphics. To drive sales and create excitement for your product, customers need to experience your toys for themselves. So, whether your product is soft and cuddly or a cutting-edge electronic gadget, our custom displays encourage up close and personal engagements.

Durability is a key factor to consider when selecting a toy store display. We’ve witnessed the wear and tear that retail toy displays are subjected to daily. Our team builds custom display units to last by enlisting our wide range of in-house manufacturing processes. We blend these techniques with the best-in-class materials to deliver the toughest displays around.

Designing for the toy market also demands that consumer safety is kept high on the list of considerations. For EB Display, that means constructing displays with non-toxic paints and materials, rounded edges and backup safety hinges.

Set your toy products up to really stand out with a custom unit from EB Display.

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