Home Improvement Store Display

Custom Merchandise Displays

Your home improvement products are facing increased competition as the category continues its sustained growth. This makes displaying your product in an effective and compelling manner more critical than ever. EB Display has been there, right alongside the rapid expansion of today’s big-box home improvement stores, producing displays for a wide range of DIY products. Combine this with our industry leading materials and capabilities, and we are positioned as the premier partner for creating custom displays that set you apart from the crowd.

The more captivating your display, the better you can compete with the other vendors vying for your customer’s attention. It’s that simple. We have built our reputation on designing and manufacturing displays for use in home improvement stores. From creative design to completely custom graphics, our in-house capabilities will ratchet up awareness for your product. But looks are not the only thing that differentiates our displays. Our custom display engineering focuses on the tried and true techniques we’ve discovered to best position your product.


Seasonality plays a large factor in what products you display and how you display them. We recognize this and design our custom displays to be highly flexible. Our units can be changed out to take advantage of seasonal offerings and promotions.


Making the customer aware of your product’s unique features remains a very effective means of marketing. EB Display can design demonstration capabilities and mobility right into your custom unit, highlighting your visibility and creating a better consumer experience.

Point of Purchase (POP)

Looking to engage the consumer at multiple touch points? EB Display can create a point of purchase display that works cohesively with your main aisle display. The unified messaging will help amplify your brand and help capture potential sales.


You’re certainly aware how competitive floor space can be inside home improvement stores. In fact, many displays are required to pull double duty—showcasing your product and holding inventory. EB Display’s engineers can design a custom display unit to hold your exact stocking needs, making sure your product is on the floor and ready to be sold.

Improve your home improvement product merchandising. Contact EB Display today to find out how.