Consumer Goods Displays

Custom Displays for Durable Consumer Goods

Durable and consumer goods can range from furniture to appliances, and thousands of products in between. That’s why our approach to building consumer displays for durable goods has always been to first understand the actual product. The designers and engineers at EB Display begin by learning about your product, as well as the ultimate purpose for the display. By understanding the advantages of your product, we are able to make those features truly stand out. While creating your custom display solution, we carefully consider the visual options for making your product the star.

Companies that manufacture durable goods such as home appliances and consumer electronics routinely introduce new merchandise as technology enables them to improve their products. Because of these rapid changes, it’s essential that your consumer displays effectively highlight these breakthrough features. In so doing, we maintain your branding message, as well as allow for variations in the message. For product launches, we often suggest custom displays with video demonstrations or hands-on product sampling.

Small details are never overlooked by the EB team. We integrate these details and fine-tune the overall look to create a truly exceptional tool for selling durable consumer goods. We will work with you to create or reinforce your company’s message through the use of graphics, photography and interactive components. Using 3-D software, we will design your custom display with your full input. You’ll be able to make adjustments along the way as well as see how all of the elements fit together in the finished product.

When the actual production begins, you may want to tour our 200,000+ square-foot manufacturing facility in Ohio where all of the work is done. We don’t ship our work to outside companies. The fabrication is executed right here, by the skilled EB team. Because of our 60-plus years in display manufacturing, we can design and build custom displays for any product in the durable goods industry. We can handle all of the design and manufacturing of your display or simply build a high-quality display according to your specs. It’s completely up to you.

Give us a chance to work with you and you’ll see why we’ve been thriving since 1952. Call us at (800) 321-9869, or request a custom display quote.


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