Custom Magazine Displays

Magazine Displays

Using a magazine display is a powerful marketing tool for all categories of literature and periodicals. On top of boosting sales, magazine displays serve to keep your inventory of printed materials attractive and easy to browse. Our experience in this product category has shown us that using a display to house your magazines can increase your sales by 20 percent or more. In addition to added sales, displays and racks contribute by establishing an impressive retail presence for your lineup of printed products.

The EB Display Difference

Every retail environment has its own unique set of considerations that must be taken into account. The benefit of using a custom display rack from EB Display is that it can be designed precisely to fit your floor plan and retail needs. Completely custom construction and high-resolution graphics are combined to spark consumer interest and work perfectly with your existing branding.

Our custom magazine racks and displays feature:

Building custom magazine displays is a cost-effective way to ensure the highest quality product available. Since all of our creative design and manufacturing processes are done at our 200,000+ square-foot facility, we are well positioned to offer a truly one-stop-shopping experience. An added benefit of this seamless integration is our ability to produce projects on budget and on time.

Find out how a custom magazine display can take your printed pieces to the next level.

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